Friday, September 30, 2005

So it begins.

Ok, I have learned my first lesson using this blogger. I just typed up a descent post for my first post, and proceeded to use the spellchecker. I had to allow pop-ups, etc, etc to get that to work, but when it finally finished that process, viola, my post was blank and not saved. Future reference, select all - copy, grrrrr.
Now on to my original post... I have wanted to have a place to put my thoughts for quite a while now, and have finally gotten around to doing it. I need some place to release some stress, and I think this could be therapeutic. For those who want to know what I really think, read on, but beware.
I will be writing my unedited thoughts here, so you could be offended, upset, or even enraged by what you read, especially if you know me. My posts will include my thoughts on religion, politics, fluff and the like, so your opinion of me could possibly change, not necessarily for the better. Many of my ideas are not mainstream, or popular, especially in the region in which I live. Most of my friends already know this stuff, so they need not worry, but family and acquaintances may find themselves saying "Oh..." as they read.
As I now need to leave, I will save my introduction for the next post.

1 comment:

Steve Miller said...

Hans - have you not told your family you're a closet gay man?
Looking forward to your blog man!